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4.1 Develop Project Charter - Video Lessons

The Video Lessons for this process span multiple parts as listed here. Ensure to follow the order to maintain the continuity. These tutorials cover the questions in Chapter tests too among detailed explanation about each of the outputs using common templates.
Part - 1
This part covers - Project Charter Introduction, Contents, Business Need, Business Case, Project Charter Template Walkthrough.
Part - 2
This part continues with the Project Charter Templates Walkthrough. Based on the walkthrough, the first input, SoW, for the project charter is mapped.
Part - 3
This part summarizes the introduction about the project charter and then covers the inputs for the project charter - SoW, Agreement.
Part - 4
This part covers the common inputs like Enterprise Environmental Factors. It covers the Tools and Techniques and the prime output - Project Charter.
Part - 5
This part covers the Section 4.1 concepts covered in Chapter 4 of the chapter tests like SoW Contents, Contract v/s Project Charter etc.
Part - 6
This part is the continuation of the 5th part since it summarizes the points covered in other video parts like business need, project charter contents.