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Online Training Based on PMBOK 5th Edition

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Now Available - Audio and Video Lessons. Free tests for each of the PMBOK 5th edition Chapters. Just register and access the test to understand where you lack and prepare better for the exam. Open for multiple attempts. Also, a dashboard display available after login to display your test-wise performance. The dashboard display shows your section-wise performance to help you improve in the specific section and chapter thereafter. Around 50 questions from each chapter picked from PMBOK 5th edition. These tests simulate the exam environment to give you a headstart in your preparation right from the word go. Hurry Up! Open for a limited time, access now and benefit from the opportunity.

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Our Training Approach

The pm-prep35 method is a unique exam-based approach aimed to make you thorough with the PMBOK. The training approach gives you a headstart in terms of getting you up and running right during the initial 35 hours because that is when your interest in high. Keeping this in mind, all the chapters are test-based. Once you score 75% in each of the chapters and also the mock exam, you can avail your 35 hours contact certificate from pm-prep35. Among all the websites that charge a fee to provide you the 35 contact hours and also to train you for the exam, here is one site, which is dedicated to ensuring that you clear the exam and all this for free.

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