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1. Introduction - Video Lessons - Part 3

The Video Lessons for this Chapter span multiple parts as listed here. Ensure to follow the order to maintain the continuity. This part of the tutorial mainly covers the questions in Chapter tests.
Part - 1
Recap of Chapter 1 - PMBOK Guide definition, What is PMBOK? "Good Practice", PMBOK application to projects
Part - 2
Recap of Chapter 1 Continued - What is PMBOK guide for? Section 1.1 - Code of Ethics, How important is PMBOK guide? What is a Project?
Part - 3
This part covers some of the questions in Chapter 1 Test - Section 1.2 Project End Details,  project impacts, what is "temporary"? "repetitive elements"
Part - 4
This part covers the following topics, part of the the chapter 1 test - "uniqueness" in project, section 1.3,  project constraints
Part - 5
This part is a continuation of previous parts dealing with different questions in chapter 1 test.