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- The Acquire Project Team process deals with getting the right project team onboard based on the roles and responsibilities defined in the HR management plan.
- It also deals with detailing the resource calendars for the acquired team members.
- The acquisition might be from internal or external unit, needing excellent negotiation skills.
- Based on organizational culture and expertise required or as a technique to get utmost work production across time zones, virtual team model might be followed.
- In case of some of the niche area projects or as part of Client request, there might be pre-assignment of specific skilled resources done as part of initiating processes.
- The project manager should do effective negotiation to get the best skills onboard.
- Multi-criteria decision process involved in acquiring the best team - Cost, Skill, knowledge, attitude are some of the factors helping in the decision-making process.


- HR Management Plan: Project Organization Structure, roles and responsibilities, team acquisition process etc.
- Enterprise Environmental Factors: Personnel administration policies, colocation or multiple locations based on team is located in same place or is virtual.
- Organizational Process Assets: Template for staff assignments or resource calendar.

Tools & Techniques

- Pre-assignment: If the project is approved due to a certain skilled resource, the resource is pre-assigned and it becomes a vital technique in case of such projects.
- Negotiation: Negotiation with functional managers, other project managers and external units to know the correct team composition and the best resources on the project team.
- Acquisition: When the organization does not have the skills to execute the project, acquisition of the skills from external sources is done by the organization, if that is cheaper than procurement.
- Virtual teams: The virtual team model is used to encourage better work output production or as a way to boost morale of the team or as part of negotiation technique while recruiting or to attract scarce or skillful resources.
- Multi-criteria Decision Analysis: Some of the decision criteria for selection of the project team are availability, cost, experience, ability, knowledge, skills, attitude and international factors.


- Project Staff Assignments: The formal documentation related to allocating the selected resources to the project team called as project staff. The documentation might take the form of project team directory (consisting of name, location, contact and role details), memos to team members and names inserted to other part of the PM Plan like the project organization charts and schedules.
- Resource Calendars: The work periods for each of the resource and their work timings as well as time zone details are captured.
- PM Plan Updates: Different parts of PM Plan like the schedule or activity allocation can be updated with the identified project staff names.

Match the Following

1. Project Team Directory - a. Skilled Resources
2. Pre-assignment - b. Working hours
3. Project Staff Assignment - c. Address and Contact Details
4. Resource Calendar - d. Formal Project Team

Match the Following (Answers)

1. Project Team Directory - c. Address and Contact Details
2. Pre-assignment - a. Skilled Resources
3. Project Staff Assignment - d. Formal Project Team
4. Resource Calendar - b. Working hours