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- The Close Project or Phase process is concerned with the formal closure of the project or phase. Documenting lessons learnt and archiving artifacts are important aspects of this process.
- As part of this process, the project team will transfer knowledge to the operations team.
- The Organizational Process Assets get enriched because of newly acquired knowledge transfer document or assets in the form of reusable components.


- PM Plan: The PM Plan has the formal closure process for each phase or project as a whole.
- Accepted Deliverables: The Client Accepted Deliverables and a formal closure signoff document from the client are inputs to trigger this process.
- Organizational Process Assets: Templates for closure as well as policies and procedures relevant to project or phase closure.

Tools & Techniques

- Expert Judgment: Experience from other managers is leveraged in order to accommodate best practices during closure.
- Meetings: Meetings are part of this process to review the path covered and do any trend analysis for documentation.
- Analytical Techniques: Analyze the work performance information collected week-after-week and do root cause analysis for any poor performance.


- Final Product, Service, or Result Transition: Ensure that the product is delivered and do any final handover.
- Organizational process Assets Updates: Upload any project files , documents , deliverables to the organization asset repository in order to be referred or used by other projects.

Match the Following

1. Accepted Deliverables - a. Lessons Learnt Documentation
2. Close Project or Phase - b. Organizational Process Assets
3. Closure Guidelines – c. Regression Analysis
4. Analytical Technique - d. Interim or Final Deliverables

Match the Following (Answers)

1. Accepted Deliverables - d. Interim or Final Deliverables
2. Close Project or Phase - a. Lessons Learnt Documentation
3. Closure Guidelines – b. Organizational Process Assets
4. Analytical Technique - c. Regression Analysis