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- While Manage Communications process is concerned with ensuring project communications happen as per the communications management plan, control communications process is concerned with ensuring that any deviation from the planned communications is monitored and controlled.
- Like any other controlling process, this process also ensures that changes are influenced to follow the integrated the change control process.
- Since this is a controlling process, any change in communication process will affect the other project objectives so, this process can result in updates to PM Plan and other related project documents.
- Project Communications are usually planned to handle issues so, through this process, issues are indirectly monitored and communicated to different stakeholders.
- Performance reports are updated as OPAs for future project reference.
- Since communication management plan has the details for handling communications for different project stakeholders, communications management plan, as part of PM Plan, is the input and so, stakeholder register is just used to develop the communications management plan in plan communications management process and variances are checked against the CMP, as an integral part of PM Plan, in this process.
- Any changes needed in the form of including a communication channel for a new stakeholder must be analyzed as part of the plan communications management process and need to be done through a change request.
- While the planning process deals with coming up with the initial plan, changes to the plan happen through this process and they pass through the change control board before being re-baselined as part of the plan.


- PM Plan - The planned communication process along with other project objectives to be taken care as part of monitoring and controlling process.
- Project Communications - The actual communication process currently being executed to check variance.
- Work Performance Data - Data as accumulated by the project team.
- Issue Log: What needs to be communicated – the status of different project issues to be monitored and controlled as part of the communications process.
- Organizational Process Assets: Templates for communication.

Tools & Techniques

- Information Management Systems: Facilitates information Retrieval or to cross-check different data related to communication management.
- Expert Judgment: Variance Analysis
- Meetings – Review of the planned and actual process


- Work Performance Information - Formatted data with indicators and variances.
- Change Requests - What needs to follow the change control process must be documented with details about different impacts.
- PM Plan Updates - In case of controlling deviations, other parts of PM Plan get updated.
- Project Document Updates: Along with the PM Plan related documents get updated
- OPA Updates: Reports, lessons learnt

Match the Following

1. Work Performance Data - a. Analyzed Data
2. Work Performance Information - b. Information Distribution
3. Manage Communications - c. Issue and Change Management
4. Control Communications – d. Raw Observations

Match the Following (Answers)

1. Work Performance Data - d. Raw Observations
2. Work Performance Information - a. Analyzed Data
3. Manage Communications - b. Information Distribution
4. Control Communications – c. Issue and Change Management