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- The process of breaking down the scope of work into more manageable work packages is handled in this process.
- WBS is Work Breakdown Structure that splits the work into more manageable components to be allocated to different teams or team members depending on the size
- The WBS is usually created in conjunction with the team to get team buy-in. It also builds confidence among different stakeholders since work can be tracked easily.


- Scope Management Plan: The Scope Management Plan provides guidance for different processes in Scope knowledge area. Scope Management Plan specifies how work will be broken down and what will be the different phases relevant to this project work.
- Scope Statement: Project Scope Statement is the actual document that will have the project boundaries, exclusions and acceptance criteria based on which the WBS will be created.
- Requirements Documentation: This has the requirement list as well as the requirements priority. This is used as a look up for this process.
- Organizational Process Assets: Lessons Learnt and best practices for defining WBS.
- Enterprise Environmental Factors: Industry-specific WBS standards for specific project domains maybe reused.

Tools & Techniques

- Expert Judgment: Leverage experience from SMEs or other project managers or consultants in breaking down the work into more manageable components.
- Decomposition: The process of breaking down the work from deliverables to detailed work packages and assigning unique work identifiers in order to allocate to team or different resources. The decomposition is done across deliverables part of different phases in a project. The decomposition should be done to such a level that it can be assigned as work component rather than breaking down into unmanageable micro-level.


- Scope Baseline: The components include –
> Scope Statement
> WBS Dictionary

Once the scope is base lined, any changes will go through a change control process. While WBS has the hierarchical breakdown of deliverables, WBS Dictionary has additional details like description, code of account identifier among others.
- Project Documents Updates: While detailing the scope, there might be a need to update some of the other documents created in the project so far, which might include the requirement documentation or requirement traceability matrix and so on.

Match the Following

1. WBS Dictionary - a. Hierarchical Structure
2. WBS - b. Code of Accounts Identifier
3. Decomposition - c. Technique
4. Scope Baseline (Part) - d. Scope Statement

Match the Following (Answers)

1. WBS Dictionary - b. Code of Accounts Identifier
2. WBS - a. Hierarchical Structure
3. Decomposition - c. Technique
4. Scope Baseline (Part) - d. Scope Statement