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- The Define Activities process is concerned with breaking down the work into list of activities.
- Most of the times, define activities, Sequence Activities, Estimate Activity Resources and Estimate Activity Resources processes are done as part of Develop Schedule process.
- In smaller projects, Create WBS and Define Activities processes are done as overlapping activities.
- Project team is involved in creating the activity list.


- Schedule Management Plan: This has the basic process of how-to breakdown the work packages into activities.
- Scope Baseline: The scope management plan, scope statement and WBS put together, holding details about the work packages and therefore the main input to create the activity list.
- Enterprise Environmental Factors: The constraints under which the organization is performing.
- Organizational Process Assets: Templates for Activity list or lessons learnt from previous similar projects, if any.

Tools & Techniques

- Expert Judgment: Prior experience coming from subject matter experts or organization units in similar projects.
- Decomposition: The process of breaking down the work packages into a list of activities usually done as a team.
- Roll Wave Planning: A form of progressive elaboration wherein the work packages belonging to the immediate next period are decomposed while work belonging to later periods are left at high-level because Planning and Executing processes normally happen iteratively.


- Activity List: The list of activities based on each work package. Each activity has a unique identifier and description of the work to be accomplished.
- Activity Attributes: Any additional details related to the activity becomes part of the activity attributes. E.g., resource, predecessor and successor activities, duration etc. useful during schedule development.
- Milestone List: A documentation of the milestones associated with the project. Milestones have zero duration.

Match the Following

1. Activity Attribute - a. Progressive Elaboration
2. Roll Wave Planning - b. Zero duration
3. Milestone list - c. Work package Decomposition
4. Activity list- d. Schedule Development

Match the Following (Answers)

1. Activity Attribute - d. Schedule Development
2. Roll Wave Planning - a. Progressive Elaboration
3. Milestone list - b. Zero duration
4. Activity list - c. Work package Decomposition