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- The Direct and Manage Project Work process is concerned with creating the project deliverables as per the project management plan.
- It is the process wherein there might be scope for some changes and those changes are sent for review by the change control board.
- The process also results in updating actuals to the documents like schedule or the PM plan since executing and planning processes are iterative in nature especially in the initial stages.
- Work Performance data is available from the project team in order to be converted in a presentable format as work performance information, to appear in the status report.
- The approved change request may be a corrective action, a preventative action, or a defect repair.


- Project Management Plan: The PM Plan includes all the subsidiary plans in order to refer during project execution.
- Approved Change Requests: Change Requests approved by the change control board get implemented as part of project execution.
- Enterprise Environmental Factors: The constraints under which the organization is performing. It might be anything related to specific tools or technologies.
- Organizational Process Assets: Code libraries from previous projects or lessons learnt from previous similar projects, if any.

Tools & Techniques

- Expert Judgment: Prior experience coming from team members or other organization units in similar projects.
- Project Management Information System: Any system used by the organization to gather project information is part of this. It might be a defect tracking system or work authorization system.
- Meetings: Daily status team meetings are part of this process to check team progress or allocate work.


- Deliverables: The actual output for which the project is executed. Deliverables can take the form of process documents as specified in the milestone list in the PM plan.
- Change Requests: Any new changes found by the team or requested by the client or other stakeholders. These go to the change control board for approval or rejection.
- Work Performance Data: The status of deliverables coming from the project team.
- Project management Plan Updates: Planning and executing happen iteratively. Also, PM plan is the master document to all other plans. So, plan updates are highly possible due to competing project objectives, that too in the initial iterations.
- Project Document Updates: Updates to documents like risk register, stakeholder register and activity list are possible based on either new changes or as part of any status updates.

Match the Following

1. PMIS - a. Professional and technical associations
2. Expert Judgment - b. Configuration Management System
3. Organizational Process Assets - c. Stakeholder Risk tolerances
4. Enterprise Environmental Factors - e. Defect Repair
5. Change Requests – d. Defect Management Database

Match the Following (Answers)

1. PMIS - b. Configuration Management System
2. Expert Judgment - a. Professional and technical associations
3. Organizational Process Assets - d. Defect Management Database
4. Enterprise Environmental Factors - c. Stakeholder Risk tolerances
5. Change Requests – e. Defect Repair