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- This process not only deals with collating the project information and distributing it to the different stakeholders as per the plan but also ensuring that the information is understood properly, allowing for feedback and clarifications, ensuring information is stored appropriately so that it can be retrieved and disposed off when done.
- This process is concerned with effective and efficient communication flow among the project stakeholders.


- Communications Management Plan: Based on the different project stakeholders, appropriate approach and planning for project information communications is done here.
- Work Performance reports: The project status information that needs to be communicated.
- Organizational Process Assets: Templates for reporting
- Enterprise Environmental Factors: PMIS that has information to be communicated.

Tools & Techniques

- Communication Models: Communication models facilitate exchange of message and may vary from project phase-to-phase. The communication management plan decides the model for the project.
- Communication Technology: The technology feasible for the different stakeholders, decided in the Communications Management Plan is used for project communications.
- Communication Methods: Based on the number of stakeholders, appropriate communication method like pull, push or interactive approach is used.
- Information Management Systems: Since information management is one of the important goals of this process, right tools for information management is necessary based on the type of information -
> Hard-copy document management: If information shared is in the form of letters, memos, reports and press releases.
> Electronic Communications management: Email, Fax, Voice Mail, websites, telephone etc.
> Electronic Project Management Tools: Might take the form of PM soft wares or web-based tools supporting Project management workflows.
- Performance Reporting: The information aspect of project communications is very vital. Project communications deal with performance reports. Performance reports cover past, current and future performance. They cover project objectives like scope, time and cost important for different project stakeholders.


- Project Communications: Project communications happen based on the communications management plan. The information with regard to scope, time and cost performance is distributed to the project stakeholders through proper information distribution tools, technology and appropriate feedback mechanisms are followed as planned.
- PM Plan Updates: Since Planning and Executing are iterative in nature, project communications can result in updates to PM Plan in the form updates to performance measurement baseline like cost, time and scope.
- Project Documents Update: Updates to other plan-related documents like schedule or issue log.
- Organizational Process Assets Updates: Project Communications in the form of project reports, presentations, stakeholder feedbacks and lessons learnt.

Match the Following

1. Active Listening - a. Informal Communication
2. Memos - b. Project Management Software
3. Information Management System - c. Acknowledge, Clarify and Confirm Understanding

Match the Following (Answers)

1. Active Listening - c. Acknowledge, Clarify and Confirm Understanding
2. Memos - a. Informal Communication
3. Information Management System - b. Project Management Software