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- Manage Project Team process is concerned with ensuring that the team performance assessments are tracked and used for feedbacks to improve the team performance.
- As part of this process, issues are observed and proper corrective and preventive actions are included onto existing project processes through PM Plan Updates or project document updates.
- Based on work performance reports, change requests might be raised to bring project progress on track or make the processes more effective.
- Conflict management is essential part of this process because it might be necessary to handle difference of opinions between team members or as part of appraisal process.
- While Direct Project team process is concerned with ensuring that the grooming or training needs of the team are addressed so that the team is equipped to handle the project demands, manage project team process is concerned with performance of the team or the staff after the standards or ground rules have been set. This is more concerned with ensuring any issues or conflicts are kept under check, hr processes are followed and appropriate changes are handled.


- Project Staff Assignments - who are the team members?
- HR Management Plan - how the team must be managed?
- Team Performance Assessments - How has the team performed during different on-the-job situations / trainings?
- Issue Log: What are the issues on hand and how they have surfaced?
- Work Performance Reports: Current Project Work status with various scope, time and cost indicators. Based on this, appropriate changes might have to be raised to bring project work on track.
- Organizational Process Assets: Certificates of Appreciation, Bonus structures, corporate apparel, perquisites

Tools & Techniques

- Observation and Conversation: Issues can be resolved only through proper understanding of issues, project context and the team performance assessments.
- Project Performance Appraisals: Constant feedback about performance on-the-job based on impact on project objectives is given to the team members. These can be inputs to formal appraisal system or useful in effecting changes to the project HR management plan.
- Conflict Management: While managing the team, conflicts are common and they must be addressed effectively to resolve the problem on-hand. Different techniques are available as follows:
> Withdraw / Avoid: Retreat from the situation so that it can be handled later since there might be no solution available now.
> Smooth / Accommodate: Emphasizing areas of agreement rather than areas of difference, conceding one's position to the maintain harmony.
> Compromise / Reconcile: Some degree of satisfaction to all parties involved - temporary resolution.
> Force / Direct: The superior member directs the team as a whole without any other opinion addressed.
> Collaborate / Problem Solve: A collaborative approach by the team that includes multiple viewpoints.
- Interpersonal Skills: Project manager’s capability to understand and resolve conflicts, issues to handle the situation on hand. E.g., leadership, influencing skills and decision making.


- Change Requests: Changes might be identified as part of manage project team process. These requests might be in the form of changes to the organization structure or hr management plan etc.
- PM Plan Updates: Updates to different part of PM Plan due to hr process management.
- Project Document Updates: Issue log, project staff assignments
- Enterprise Environmental Factors Updates: Personnel Skill Updates, organizational performance appraisal system inputs
- Organizational Process Assets Updates: lessons learnt, document updates

Match the Following

1. Smooth - a. Authority
2. Direct - b. Temporary Solution
3. Compromise - c. Concede
4. Direct Project Team - d. Appraise Performance
5. Manage Project Team – e. Postpone
6. Withdraw – f. Ground Rules

Match the Following (Answers)

1. Smooth - c. Concede
2. Direct - a. Authority
3. Compromise - b. Temporary Solution
4. Direct Project Team - f. Ground Rules
5. Manage Project Team – d. Appraise Performance
6. Withdraw – e. Postpone