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- This process deals with addressing the different stakeholder needs.
- Ensure Stakeholders stay communicated at the planned milestones and at any vital points as planned.
- Ensure methods or modes of communications are followed as stated in the communication management plan.
- Track issues and update the stakeholders on a regular basis.
- Communicate change requests status in change log.
- Track changes and raise appropriate change requests for input to Integrated Change Control process.
- Update OPA with lessons learnt or any process tailoring / optimization details.
- Ensure PM Plan stays updated due to changes in timeline or cost due to new issues.
- Use communication techniques like negotiation and people management effectively to increase chances of project success.


- Stakeholder Management Plan: Has details about how stakeholders would be managed. What are their communication requirements based on their power and influence.
- Communications Management Plan: What is the medium of communication? What information? - what level of detail?
- Change Log: Register of different change requests – status - approved or rejected by CCB.
- Organizational Process Assets: Issue Management procedures, change control procedures etc.

Tools & Techniques

- Communication Method: The method in communication management plan identified for the particular stakeholder.
- Interpersonal Skills: Building trust, Resolving conflict, Active listening, and Overcoming resistance to change.
- Management Skills: Negotiation, influencing skills etc.


- Issue Log: Can result in creation or updates to issue log.
- Change Requests: New change requests are identified and go to CCB for approval.
- Project Document Updates: Updates to other documents as stakeholders are managed. E.g., Risk Register
- Project Management Plan Updates: Different parts of the plan get updated as a result of handling different stakeholder needs.
- Organizational Process Assets Updates: Stakeholder feedbacks or new communication methods are updated.

Match the Following

1. Project Presentations - a. Input
2. Change Log - b. Output
3. Issue Log - c. Change Requests’ Status
4. Stakeholder Management Plan - d. OPA

Match the Following (Answers)

1. Project Presentations - d. OPA
2. Change Log - c. Change Requests’ Status
3. Issue Log - b. Output
4. Stakeholder Management Plan - a. Input