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- The Perform Integrated Change Control process is concerned with reviewing request changes and either approving or rejecting those changes based on project objectives, current status, forecasts and other project constraints.
- This process is not only concerned with the end-product of the project but also any intermediate deliverables (E.g., PM Plan) committed as part of the project life cycle.
- This process is responsible for managing changes to Organizational Process Assets.
- Change Requests can be approved by the sponsor or the project manager. In some projects or organizations, a Change Control Board can be responsible for the process.
- The change control board can take the form of a group of senior managers. Customers or sponsors maybe part of the board.


- PM Plan: Being the baseline document, the PM Plan is the most important input for the Monitoring and Controlling processes to monitor against. In case of this process, it acts as a guideline to make decisions on change requests.
- Work Performance Reports: Reports compiled as part of Monitoring and Controlling process group, with relevant project health is used to make decisions.
- Change Requests: The changes arising out of Project Monitoring or part of execution are presented here with different impact analysis to facilitate decision-making.
- Enterprise Environmental Factors: The constraints under which the organization is performing. It might be anything related to specific process or tools or technologies. E.g., Onshore-offshore model
- Organizational Process Assets: Any experiences or lessons learnt from previous similar projects in case of similar changes. E.g., Change Control Board response to similar situations before.

Tools & Techniques

- Expert Judgment: Usually senior management is involved in order to use prior experience in decision-making.
- Meetings: Meetings are part of this process to review forecasts and subsequent impacts in order to approve or reject the changes.
- Change Control tools: This might take the form of any internal system to store change requests and their status mostly accommodated in a change control workflow.


- Approved Change Requests: Changes get approved or rejected by the Change Control Board.
- Change Log: Holds the list of change requests and their corresponding status.
- Project management Plan Updates: PM Plan and the subsidiary plans can get updated and a rebase lining will happen in this process. The new baseline is approved by the CCB in this process.
- Project Document Updates: Any important documents committed to undergo the change control process get approved by change control board.

Match the Following

1. Change Control Board - a. Change Request Status
2. Change Log - b. Configuration Audit
3. Configuration Management Activity – c. Burn Up Chart
4. Work Performance Report - d. Approve Changes

Match the Following (Answers)

1. Change Control Board - d. Approve Changes
2. Change Log - a. Change Request Status
3. Configuration Management Activity – b. Configuration Audit
4. Work Performance Report - c. Burn Up Chart