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- Plan Scope Management Process deals with the creation of Scope Management Plan and Requirements Management Plan.
- The Scope Management Plan involves the process of defining the scope, validating and controlling project scope.
- Proper Scope planning process helps in negating project scope creep.


- Project Management Plan: The Project Management Plan at its initial level of detail becomes a key input in building the subsidiary plans. Also, the details in different subsidiary plans can be looked up to build the scope management plan.
- Project Charter: Since scope management plan will be one of the first subsidiary plans to be created, the most detailed documentation available in the initial stage of the project is the scope management plan.
- Enterprise Environmental Factors: This is a key input in the initial stages of planning because it provides the context under which the project is being planned and the factors have to be accounted in the different plans.
- Organizational Process Assets: Any previous project scope plans and lessons learnt from similar projects must be taken care in this project.

Tools & Techniques

- Expert Judgment: This is an important technique in the initial stages of planning involving scope, cost and time.
- Meetings: They are an important tool during the planning phase of the project. Most of the effective planning can happen only through meetings with different stakeholders.


- Scope Management Plan: The scope details how the different scope artefacts like scope statement, WBS can be built, validated and controlled. It also details how client acceptance will be gained.
- Requirements Management Plan: This details how requirements will be gathered and how it will be traced all through the different phases of the project life cycle. How requirement changes will be handled?

Match the Following

1. Project Charter - a. Plan Scope Management Output
2. Requirement Management Plan - b. Planning Tool
3. Meetings - c. Part of Requirement Management Plan
4. Requirement Traceability Process - d. Plan Scope Management Input

Match the Following (Answers)

1. Project Charter - d. Plan Scope Management Input
2. Requirement Management Plan - a. Plan Scope Management Output
3. Meetings - b. Planning Tool
4. Requirement Traceability Process - c. Part of Requirement Management Plan