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- Like many PM Processes, Perform Quality Assurance (QA) and Control Quality (QC) are very much overlapping mainly due to checking process effectiveness and deliverable correctness but one deals with customer assurance while another deals with customer acceptance.
- In other words, while QA is concerned with ensuring that the project's processes are indeed effective, QC is concerned with ensuring that poor quality does not reach customer's hands.
- QA is more concerned with process effectiveness and process improvement. QC is concerned with effective processes producing inspected deliverables.
- Quality Assurance process is done during planning and executing phases, control quality is performed during executing and closing phases.
- While QA provides the confidence that customer's requirements will be met, QC is mainly concerned with customer acceptance.
- QC is also concerned with ensuring all changes are implemented as per the approved change requests.
- While prevention is keeping errors out of the process, inspection is concerned with keeping errors out of the customer's hands.


- Project Management Plan: Since this deals with customer acceptance, a big picture is needed in terms of different objectives to be checked.
- Quality Metrics: What must be measured? - The Attributes
- Quality Checklists: What are the parameters to be checked?
- OPA: Lessons learnt or organizational best practices for QC
- Approved Change Requests: Needed for cross-checking with what is actually implemented in the deliverable.
- Work Performance Data: Data got as-is from the project team that can have impact on the quality or customer requirements.
- Deliverables: The actual deliverable that needs to be tested for compliance.
- Project Documents: Any other proofs for compliance of standards

Tools & Techniques

- Seven Basic Quality Tools: To plot and look for variations and also do quality control, if need be.
- Statistical Sampling: Testing in small scale to prove the quality of whole population
- Inspection: Called as reviews, audits or walkthroughs they can be done on one of the intermediate deliverables or the final deliverable but the idea is to check the conformance to requirements or quality standards set in the QM plan.
- Approved Change Requests Review: Ensure changes are implemented as per what was approved by the client.


- Quality Control Measurements: Results of the quality control process in the format specified in the QM plan.
- Validated Changes: After approved changes are reviewed, they become validated changes. If rejected on validation, results in rework.
- Verified Deliverables: Checks correctness of deliverables to be input to Validate Scope process.
- Work Performance Information: Any reporting information about quality of deliverables. E.g., no. of rejections, cause for rejection.
- Change Requests: As part of controlling process, new changes to process might be identified and they need to go to CCB for approval.
- PM Plan Updates: Approved Changes can affect other project objectives.
- Project Document Updates: Change Log updates, agreements, new quality standards.
- OPA Updates: Completed checklist, lessons learnt

Match the Following

1. Validated Changes – a. Keeping Errors out of process
2. Approved Changes – b. Implemented and Checked
3. Inspection – c. Yet to be implemented
4. Prevention – d. Walkthrough

Match the Following (Answers)

1. Validated Changes – b. Implemented and Checked
2. Approved Changes – c. Yet to be implemented
3. Inspection – d. Walkthrough
4. Prevention – a. Keeping Errors out of process