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- Project Quality Management knowledge area includes processes to come up with a quality management plan, process improvement plan for the project and then the process to ensure quality assurance through collection of metrics and use of checklists. This also deals with quality control process needed to keep the process under control in case of any deviations.
- The following are the processes in this knowledge area:
-> Plan Quality Management
-> Perform Quality Assurance
-> Control Quality
- The following are the most important outputs from this knowledge area:
-> Quality Management Plan – Planning
-> Process Improvement Plan – Planning
- Quality and Grade are different. Quality relates to meeting customer requirements while grade deals with the number of requirements or features required by the customer. A product can be lower in grade but not lower in quality.
- Precision is the measure of exactness while accuracy is the assessment of correctness.
- Customer Satisfaction: Conformance to requirements and fitness for use.
- Prevention over Inspection
- Deming’s rule: Plan-Do-Check-Act

Match the Following

1. Prevention Costs - a. Fitness for use
2. Appraisal Costs - b. Product Features
3. Internal Failure Costs - c. Liabilities
4. External Failure Costs - d. Scrap
5. Grade – e. Training
6. Quality – f. Inspections

Match the Following (Answers)

1. Prevention Costs - e. Training
2. Appraisal Costs - f. Inspections
3. Internal Failure Costs - d. Scrap
4. External Failure Costs - c. Liabilities
5. Grade – b. Product Features
6. Quality – a. Fitness for use