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- Plan Schedule Management process is concerned with creation of Schedule Management Plan
-> Schedule Management Plan – A component of Project Management Plan
-> Schedule Management Plan has details of how schedule will be managed and controlled
- Decide on policies, processes, procedures, tools and techniques.


- Project management Plan: This has the basic inputs like scope baseline and cost baseline among others to develop the schedule management plan.
- Project Charter: During the initial stages, the Project Charter might have to be referred since the PM Plan by itself will be in its preliminary stage. Summary schedule, high-level risks, cost are all part of project charter.
- Enterprise Environmental Factors: The constraints under which the organization is performing.
- Organizational Process Assets:
-> Templates for Schedule Management Plan,
-> Lessons learnt from previous similar projects,
-> Policies, Processes and Procedures
-> Tools and Techniques

Tools & Techniques

- Expert Judgment: Prior experience coming from other managers or organization units in similar projects.
- Analytical techniques: Analytical techniques might take the form of identifying the correct methodology, tools and techniques relevant to the current project.
- Meetings: Meetings are organized with experienced managers, resources and sponsors to collate information and for better decision-making.


- Schedule Management Plan: Like any other plan, this will hold the decided methodology , tools and techniques relevant for this specific knowledge area. Based on this, other documents / deliverables in this knowledge area will be created. Any relevant range, threshold, unit of measure, reporting, ways to fast track / crash are all specified here.

Match the Following

1. Project Management Plan - a. Resource Availability
2. Enterprise Environmental Factors - b. Milestone Schedule
3. Analytical Techniques - c. Units of Measure
4. Schedule Management Plan - d. Rolling wave Planning
5. Project Charter - e. Scope Baseline

Match the Following (Answers)

1. Project Management Plan - e. Scope Baseline
2. Enterprise Environmental Factors - a. Resource Availability
3. Analytical Techniques - d. Rolling wave Planning
4. Schedule Management Plan - c. Units of Measure
5. Project Charter - b. Milestone Schedule