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- Project Time Management knowledge area includes processes to come up with a schedule plan for the project and then breakdown the work package into an activity list in order to estimate the required resources and also estimate the duration to complete the activities to finally come up with a project schedule. The schedule baseline needs to be tracked and controlled for any changes.
- This knowledge area does not have processes in Initiating, Executing and Closing Process Groups.
- The following are the processes in this knowledge area:
-> Plan Schedule Management
-> Define Activities
-> Sequence Activities
-> Estimate Activity Resources
-> Estimate Activity Durations
-> Develop Schedule
-> Control Schedule
- The following are the most important outputs from this knowledge area:
-> Schedule Management Plan – Planning
-> Schedule – Planning
- In smaller projects, define activities, sequence activities and the estimations might be done as part of one single process - develop schedule process

Match the Following

1. Plan Schedule Management - a. Activity Relationships
2. Define Activities - b. Project Schedule
3. Sequence Activities - c. Activity List
4. Estimate Activity Resources - d. Activity Durations
5. Estimate Activity Durations - e. Schedule Baseline
6. Develop Schedule – f. Resource Count

Match the Following (Answers)

1. Plan Schedule Management - e. Schedule Baseline
2. Define Activities - c. Activity List
3. Sequence Activities - a. Activity Relationships
4. Estimate Activity Resources - f. Resource Count
5. Estimate Activity Durations - d. Activity Durations
6. Develop Schedule – b. Project Schedule