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- Validate Scope Process is mainly concerned with formal acceptance of the deliverables.
While Control Quality process is concerned with the correctness of the deliverables and it is done internally to build confidence, the validate scope process is concerned with customer sign off.
Quality Control process is performed before Validate Scope process in order to build documentation supporting the process for customer acceptance.


- Project Management Plan: Since customer acceptance is one of the last steps in the project phase or lifecycle, it is necessary to look if all constraints have been met and also to provide proper data in terms of different baselines as proof to ensure all requirements are met and handled.
Requirements Documentation: Since this is the document from which the scope is defined but then this is the document created after discussions with the customers initially, this document is important to get sign off.
- Requirement Traceability Matrix: How all the requirements are handled through different phases of the project lifecycle - a confidence building measure for signoff. Also, a checklist for the project team before signoff.
- Work Performance Data: An output from the executing process that acts as a proof to show the health of the project and the number of cycles of validation done.
- Verified Deliverables: Output of Control Quality Process ensuring that the deliverable meets the required quality objective in terms of correctness.

Tools & Techniques

- Inspection: Checking whether the work meets the acceptance criteria. Might include audit, walk through or review.
- Group Decision-Making Techniques: Since a group will be involved in terms of different stakeholders, product acceptance decision is made through unanimity, dictatorship or so on based on the scenario.


- Accepted Deliverables: The customer acceptance is documented and signed off to become input for close project process.
- Work Performance Information: The final status of the work accepted is documented and would be stored as organizational process assets.
- Change Requests: As part of scope validation there might be some new requirements identified by the customer in order to be implemented as part of product rollout. These might take the form of change requests to the existing scope.
- Project Documents Updates: As part of scope validation, there might be a need to update some of the project documents like, customer acceptance form or project work satisfaction survey.

Match the Following

1. Scope Statement - a. Verified Deliverables
2. Quality Control Process - b. Work Acceptance
3. Scope Validation - c. Work Review
4. Inspection - d. Acceptance Criteria

Match the Following (Answers)

1. Scope Statement - d. Acceptance Criteria 2. Quality Control Process - a. Verified Deliverables 3. Scope Validation - b. Work Acceptance 4. Inspection - c. Work Review